Best practices and tips for more wealth and success.

1、Feng-Shui Tips for Wealth and Success.

2、What is Feng-Shui?

Tips on how you can use Feng-shui in Your Life:

1.Use Crystal to Foster Positive Energy

2.How to use Black Obsidian

3.Use Symbol to Attract Wealth and Succes

4.Recite Mantras



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Are you looking for a way to channel the energy within and around you to promote good luck and wealth? Perhaps you’re looking for direction in your career or want to improve the success of your business. The first step is to align your mindset and your surroundings to focus on a single goal. And you can use some common tactics from Feng Shui to achieve it. 

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that involves the use of objects and positioning to promote positive energy flow, or chi. The goal is to take actions that invite positive energy into our homes, our minds, and our surroundings. The belief is that this type of intention can have dramatically positive effects on our physical and mental health, wealth, and relationships.

Since Feng Shui is all about purposeful positioning of elements in our lives, we can apply these principles to promoting wealth and good fortune. Here are some tips on how you can use Feng Shui in your life.

Use crystals to foster positive energy
    Crystals are a staple of Feng Shui, believed to attract the energy we seek. Each crystal has different properties that contribute to the attraction of the specific energy needed for your goals, especially when it comes to wealth and success.

    Black Obsidian, for example, is an excellent crystal for connecting to the energy for clearing the obstacles impeding success. It also provides protection as you carry on the path to success.
    How to use black obsidian?
      There are many ways to use black obsidian with Feng Shui principles to give you the energy needed to pursue wealth and success. One popular method is to fill a bowl with black obsidian stones and place it in areas you do work such as a home office or study.

      Another great way to use black obsidian is through jewelry. Necklaces and bracelets are popular choices as they allow the wearer to always keep this stone close to their body, the chi constantly circulating within them.

      Use symbols to attract wealth and success
        Feng Shui advocates the use of symbols to promote the harmony of energy in our lives. Common symbols include flowers, fruits, and animals. Many Feng Shui experts recommend putting up paintings of these symbols throughout your home to attain positive benefits such as healing, success, and the warding off of evil spirits.

        Animals and mythical creatures are also common in Feng Shui as well. The Pixiu, for example, is one of the most common symbols used in Feng Shui to attract good fortune and wealth.

        In Chinese mythology, the Pixiu is a hybrid creature comprised of the head of a dragon and body of a lion. Feng Shui practitioners believe this creature is capable of drawing in and keeping wealth.

        Similar to crystals, statues of Pixiu are commonly placed in areas of business and work to allow wealth and good fortune to manifest. Pixiu talismans of different materials including, gold, silver, and jade, can also be worn as jewelry. Combining the Pixiu with other wealth promoting materials like black obsidian is another great option to maximize the properties of these objects.
        Recite Mantras
        Your mindset and your thinking play a huge role in attracting the circumstances you desire. Reciting mantras is another part of Feng Shui that you can use to attract wealth and success.

        The Mani Mantra, for example, is a widely practiced set of words that Tibetan Buddhists recite to promote happiness, luck, and good fortune.

        To practice this mantra, repeat the words Om Mani Padme Hum while visuallizing the outcomes you desire.

        There are many ways to practice Mantras. You can practice this as a form of meditation. You can have the mantra framed up and placed in your home office. You can also have these words etched in the jewellry you wear so that you are always reminded to recite these words.


        Applying Feng Shui principles can have tremendous impact on the type of energy you attract into your life. Use different objects and symbols to channel this energy and create the circumstances you desire. We hope this article was informative and inspires you to practice Feng Shui in your own life.